0chew 8 inception_4c output

Terrifying! Weird! Star Wars via Google Deep Dream

Last night I downloaded Google’s Deep Dream code and got it running locally on my PC. If you don’t know aboutĀ Inceptionism it is all detailed here.

I immediately started running some images I had on my machine through the process with some interesting results! enjoy!


Here are some more strange non-Star Wars images

First a scene from the Kubrick film “The Shining” (click to enlarge)

0kub1 conv2 3x3_reduce

some surrealĀ paintings by horror artist HR Giger (click to enlarge)

0gig5 3 9 inception_4c output (1024, 724, 3)  2

0gig3 conv2-3x3_reduce 0gig3 3 9 inception_4c output (826, 725, 3)

0gig1 3 9 giger1 0gig1 3 9 2 giger1