Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated in English-speaking countries and is rooted in the traditions of the ancient Celts, whose history began in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The celebration takes place on the night of October 31 to November 1, on the eve of All Saints’ Day. The name itself comes from the English Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve – “All Saints’ Eve”. The holiday is secular and condemned by many Christians, including Catholics.

The Celts who lived in Ireland divided the year into 2 parts: summer and winter and know about bengali to english. And October 31 was considered the last day of summer, when it was necessary to harvest the last harvest. And on November 1, winter began, the time of the extinction of all living things. The Celts called the night of November 1 Samhain – the time when the worlds of the living and the dead mixed up, and mystical forces could penetrate the earth. And in order to scare away otherworldly forces and evil spirits, people dressed up in animal skins and gathered around fires kindled by elders and priests.

The main symbol of the Halloween holiday – a pumpkin, on which an ominous face is carved, and a lit candle is inserted inside – is called the Jack-O-Lantern according to Celtic legend:

The greedy blacksmith Jack, who likes to drink often and a lot, once sat in a tavern and drank with the Devil (Lord of the Underworld), passing glass after glass. After it was time to pay, the blacksmith suggested that the Devil turn into a coin. After the Devil turned into a coin, Jack simply put it in his pocket, where there was a silver cross. As a result, the Devil was trapped and could not reincarnate back. Jack begged the Devil for a year not to intrigue him and not claim his soul, after which he let him go.
After the end of the year, Jack decided to deceive the Devil a second time and sent him to a tree for fruit. After the Devil perched on the tree, Jack scrawled a cross on the trunk of the tree. The devil is in again. So Jack bargained for himself another 10 years of a carefree life. But he could not use the years he received, because he died from drunkenness. After Jack’s death, they were not allowed into heaven or hell. So, the restless Irishman, in anticipation of the Day of Judgment, was forced to roam the Earth, lighting his way with a piece of coal that the Devil gave him as a farewell. Jack put this ember in a gourd and set off on his journey.

For the first time such lamps appeared in the UK. People put them on the porch of their houses in order to drive away evil spirits and otherworldly forces from him. Initially, turnips or rutabaga were used instead of pumpkins, but later, when the Halloween celebration spread to the United States, they began to use cheaper pumpkins. In addition, the pumpkin was a symbol of the harvest.

How is modern Halloween celebrated?

Halloween is the second most revered holiday in the United States after Christmas. But unlike Christmas, which is quiet and family-friendly, Halloween is more informal and more youthful. On the night of October 31 to November 1, masquerade parties are held in frightening carnival costumes.

The celebration of this holiday goes beyond residential buildings. During the day, you can visit offices hung with mystical decorations and masks, and dine in cafes with a menu specific to this holiday, where the names and the very appearance of dishes look awesome: for example, olive spiders on cobweb nets of thick sauces, sweet biscuits in the shape of fingers and chewing marmalade in the form of snakes and worms, “big-eyed” sandwiches and “bloody” cocktails.