If you can’t wait to start learning German and using german to english paragraph translator, you have already found films, websites, series and literature that interest you, it’s time to deepen your knowledge. Continue learning the language, paying attention to the following components:

Learn the alphabet first. Learning it will be especially easy if you know English, most importantly, pay special attention to phonetics. Start learning easy words, it is recommended to learn the most common ones, for example: hello, sorry, and so on.
Constantly supplement your vocabulary german to english with new words. Memorize new words daily, it is important to pay attention to the study of German nouns with the article. Come up with tasks for yourself, for example, in one week to learn all the words related to medicine, for another word related to everyday life, and so on.
Start mastering the word order in a German sentence, so you will form the logic of constructing German sentences. Try to practice communication in practice, for this you can use social networks and Skype. First of all, learn small common phrases that are frequently used, for example: “Hi! How are you?”, “What’s new?” and so on.
Watch more movies and series in German with Russian subtitles, you will gradually notice that you already translate some sentences automatically. Start reading German news, talk more with native speakers and so on.
Immerse yourself completely in language learning. Watch YouTube videos in German, constantly practice in live communication, start learning grammar using the sites you find. Hone your skills daily, if possible, take a trip to Germany. New impressions and live communication will help you start communicating in German more confidently and accurately in the shortest possible time.