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Analysis of the translation market in Brazil

Translation activities and spanish to english translation in Brazil are not much different from that in other countries. In Brazil, there is also interpretation, the specialists in which are divided into two groups: simultaneous interpreters and followers; and also written… Continue Reading →


Icelandic is an Indo-European language, a North Germanic language branch. The oldest texts that have been found in Icelandic were written 1000 years ago. The Icelandic Sagas, written in the 12th century, are written versions of many epics and folk… Continue Reading →

Consolidation of languages

A great many articles on the death of languages ​​and japanese translator have already been written, and they do not stop appearing. Linguists and anthropologists see here a complex process involving the disappearance of cultures and of the speakers of… Continue Reading →


Translation of textual information located on Web pages has a special specific nature, since it is a multilevel and complex process of adapting the content to the new target audience. Localization of Internet resources does not simply require mechanical interpretation… Continue Reading →

Three reasons to translate technical communication

The technical content of your site, whether it is a safety information, user manual or other technical document, will be more useful, more reliable, and more understandable when translated into the language of the end user. Here are three reasons… Continue Reading →

The obvious and hidden benefits of localization and translation

The growing US dollar, the continuing trend of transferring production to China and the growing globalization of the market lead to the fact that companies around the world are constantly increasing their presence in foreign markets. Forward-thinking executives are now… Continue Reading →

Tips for interpreters

What is the essence of interpretation or interpretation? The main task of the translator in this type of activity is to express what was said in one language by means of another language. By definition, translators, translators, are also interpreters,… Continue Reading →

Interpretation: numerals

Various kinds of precision information (namely, numbers and proper nouns) is a source of constant difficulties for the translator. The physiological capabilities of the human brain are not so extensive that the ability to store numerical information in memory was… Continue Reading →

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